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  1. Can I buy a house or a car while I am in bankruptcy?
  2. Where do I send my Ch. 13 First Trustee Payment and how (per trustee)?
  3. Who must attend the 341 Meeting of Creditor’s?
  4. What should I expect at the 341 meeting of creditors?
  5. What will happen at the Motion to Extend Stay hearing (if applicable to your case)?
  6. Why did I receive a Proof of Claim from a creditor in the mail?
  7. How much does it cost to file?
  8. Can I keep any of my Possessions?
  9. Will my creditors leave me alone once I file for bankruptcy?
  10. Will my creditors leave me alone just by hiring you as my bankruptcy attorney but before I actually get my case filed?
  11. Does my spouse have to file with me or can I file a bankruptcy on my own?
  12. Will everyone know that I filed bankruptcy?
  13. Will I be able to rent an apartment if I file bankruptcy?
  14. Will I be able to buy a house or buy a car after my bankruptcy?
  15. How do I know if I should file personal bankruptcy?
  16. Is filing personal bankruptcy immoral or does it make me a bad person?
  17. How do I choose a personal bankruptcy attorney?
  18. If in an emergency, how fast can you file a bankruptcy for me?
  19. Can I get rid of student loans or tax debts?
  20. Can I get credit after filing personal bankruptcy?
  21. Will my credit card debt, medical bills, payday loans, old repossessions, and signature loans go away and be discharged once I complete my bankruptcy?
  22. Will I have to go to Court if I file for bankruptcy?
  23. Will bankruptcy help me with my IRS debt?
  24. How much of my Income Tax Return will I receive in my Ch. 13 case?
  25. Is the Wage Directive mandatory?
  26. Will my ex-spouse be notified of my bankruptcy?
  27. Will my ex-spouse receive information that I have filed bankruptcy if I have a Domestic Support Order?
  28. What documents do I take to my Meeting of Creditors?
  29. Why did I receive a Motion to Lift Stay and Hearing Notice from my mortgage company?
  30. Do I need to attend my confirmation hearing?
  31. When will I be discharged from my Chapter 7?
  32. What can I do if my case is dismissed?
  33. I am in the process of filing a Chapter 7 and I knowthat my car is in danger of being repossessed. What can I do?
  34. I want to know how much and when my Chapter 13 First Trustee Payment is due?I have already filed my case but I need to add a creditor?
  35. Why do I have to list all my creditors?
  36. My spouse is not filing with me, so why do I have to provide their income information?
  37. I have not filed my taxes, but I have a signing appointment scheduled.  Do I need to reschedule my signing appointment?
  38. How much does Bankruptcy cost?
  39. Why am I receiving your letters that I am in Foreclosure when I have not been notified of this by my mortgage company?
  40. Can I keep my car and home if I file Bankruptcy?
  41. What is a Forbearance and why is it FREE with Lee Law Firm?
  42. Where are you located?  What are your hours?
  43. Why do I need to come into your office for the FREE consultation?  Why can’t I do it over the phone?
  44. I qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  I am current on my mortgage, but what happens if I get behind?
  45. Does filing Bankruptcy destroy my credit?
  46. Where do I sign on my Reaffirmation Agreement for my secured debt in my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
  47. What if your office already has all my documents for my confirmation hearing? (ex. Updated Income and Expense List)
  48. My bankruptcy case has been filed and I received a letter that I haven’t been making my mortgage payments!  I have been making them.  I’m current with my mortgage.  What do I need to do?
  49. How much does it cost to file?
  50. If I am married will this affect my spouse if I want to file alone?
  51. I have several car and properties. Can I save them?
  52. How long do I have to pay off my Chapter 7 case?
  53. When will my case be filed?
  54. What is the average cost of filing a chapter 7?
  55. How can I make payments on my case?
  56. I co-singed for a vehicle for my son/daughter and he/she is making payments.  Can they keep the vehicle?
  57. I co-signed for a vehicle for a friend or family member and don’t even know where the vehicle is.  What can I do to get rid of this vehicle?
  58. I have pending payday loans and I put a stop payment on the postdated check.  The bank let the checks go through and now my account is insufficient. What can I do?
  59. If I pay child support and I file bankruptcy will the mother/father of my child be notified that I am filing bankruptcy?
  60. Can I choose to leave some debts off my bankruptcy petition?
  61. Can I reinstate a Suspended Driver’s License due to failure to provide financial obligation?
  62. What Is The Purpose Of An Automatic Stay In Bankruptcy?
  63. How Long Does An Automatic Stay Last In Bankruptcy?
  64. What is the 341 Meeting of Creditors?
  65. Will my creditors attend my Meeting of Creditors?
  66. What if I was not required to file a tax return due to lack of income?
  67. What if I do not have a job and cannot provide income verification?
  68. What if I receive this document in the mail…
  69. We have not been receiving statements in the mail from our secured creditors (Vehicle/Home) to continue paying outside of the Bankruptcy repayment plan. What should we do?
  70. What happens if I cannot make my first scheduled mortgage payment after my Bankruptcy case has been filed?
  71. What happens if my mortgage lender will not accept my payments after my case has been filed?
  72. What if a Pay Day Loan Company is not in listed in my Bankruptcy and they are calling me?
  73. What if I need to add a creditor to my bankruptcy that was overlooked or if we received a statement from a creditor after filing of the bankruptcy?
  74. What if the Trustee has sent me a Business Questionnaire and we do not operate a business?
  75. What if our mortgage company has contacted us regarding a Mortgage Loan Modification?
  76. Why can’t we pay our mortgage online?

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Everybody I have encountered and meet with at Lee Law Firm has been positive and encouraging. And that is exactly what I needed because nobody looks forward to going through bankruptcy. The staff was honest about my situation and put my mind at ease about the process, and for the first time in months I was able to relax and focus…

on getting out of my financial situation with hope of starting over. I would recommend Lee Law firm of friends and family because I feel like they have my best interest at heart.

-- Brad H  
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