Bankruptcy Attorneys at the Lee Law Firm

The Lee Law Firm focuses on providing affordable, high quality representation for each client that desires to achieve a financially solid future. The bankruptcy attorneys at Lee Law Firm have vast experience in protecting individuals from foreclosure, garnishments, repossession and harassing calls from creditors.

When you contact a Fort Worth Area bankruptcy attorney at Lee Law Firm, you will meet with a qualified professional who will help evaluate whether bankruptcy is right for you. Our attorneys will design a custom plan to suit your unique situation. We value our clients and aim to assist you in eliminating your debt and returning to financial stability. We offer the professionalism of a big law firm with the compassion and personalized service of a small firm.

We have two offices conveniently located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We proudly serve Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, Parker, Denton, Johnson, Hood, Hunt, Rockwall, Collin, Ellis, Kaufman, Somervell and Wise counties.

The Dallas bankruptcy lawyers

At the Lee Law Firm aim to help local residents resolve their debt issues and achieve a financially healthy future. They provide high quality legal representation that helps lower monthly debt payments, and stop wage garnishment, foreclosures, calls from creditors and repossessions.

The Lee Law Firm attorneys are sensitive to their clients hardships and strive to offer an affordable rate for services that meet the needs of their clients. They seek to treat each client with respect, compassion and sensitivity.


Our Fort Worth & Dallas area Bankruptcy Attorneys

Have many years of experience in all aspects of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. They have extensive knowledge of the law and aim to provide their clients with a plan to obtain a solid financial future.

Christopher Lee practices bankruptcy and mortgage loan modification in the Dallas and Fort Worth area of Texas. As a Texas lawyer he played a key role, from 2006-2011, in the development of the law firm Allmand and Lee. Mr. Lee and his attorneys have handled numerous cases that have resulted in clients resolving their debt crises and reclaim fiscal health.


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