Bankruptcy Fees

What does it Cost?

The Lee Law Firm understands the financial struggles their clients face when filing for bankruptcy. Our mission is to provide high quality legal representation at an affordable cost. Each case has it’s own unique challenges and we strive to provide clients with many fee options that suit the needs of our clients.  Contact one of our dedicated attorneys to request more information about bankruptcy costs and our payment options.

Legal Fees

The fee for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $335. There are instances in which the fee for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be waived. An attorney can determine if your filing fee meets eligibility to be waived. The fee for filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is $310. There is no waiver available for the Chapter 13 fee.

Attorney Fees

Our attorneys serve each client individually and develop a payment plan that fits their individual needs. Therefore, the Lee Law Firm does not charge flat rates for their services. We work with each client to determine the amount they can pay for services and a payment plan that suits their budget. To find out about our low payment costs and flexible terms, contact one of our attorneys to schedule an appointment.