Bankruptcy Basics: Read Testimonials about Your Lawyer

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These days, with more and more customers reading online reviews before making a purchase, every business has to be aware of its online presence.  The same is true for law firms.  While every business and law firm can be the victim of some unfair criticism on the web, for the most part, people are fair and willing to tell the truth about their experience online.  Reading testimonials about your Dallas bankruptcy lawyer is an essential part of the “bankruptcy basics” that you should practice before selecting a bankruptcy lawyer.

What Testimonials Tell You

Testimonials offer honest and direct accounts of clients’ experience.  For anyone who is looking to spend money on professional and/or legal services, taking these testimonials into account before making that purchase is essential.  After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without reading about its safety ratings.  And, you certainly wouldn’t purchase a home without knowing something about the neighborhood.  Why would you choose a bankruptcy lawyer without having read client testimonials?

If a bankruptcy lawyer seems reticent to offer testimonials about his or her work in the past, you should be wary.  Don’t assume this is an act of modesty.  Rather, lack of ability to produce testimonials suggests either inexperience, or – worse – bad law practice.

We can’t stress how important it is to read a bankruptcy lawyer’s testimonials before hiring him or her onto your case.  This is one of the bankruptcy basics you can’t afford to skip out on!  The information is out there; go find it!

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