Celebrity Wants Special Treatment In Bankruptcy

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tom martinoRadio personality Tom Martino has been taking an active role in his bankruptcy case since his filing last year. Admittedly trying to “drive the bus” of his case, Martino has engaged in some suspicious behavior that could land him in trouble with the court. With all eyes on Martino he is asking for “celebrity exception” in hopes of dodging some potentially damaging outcomes.

Famously Unapologetic

Martino has been accused of being uncooperative with the court and there are allegations out that he transferred assets to his wife prior to filing for Chapter 7. Despite these heavy accusations, Martino has repeatedly attempted to take over proceedings and is demanding his case be completed by May 1st. Having tried to take over the court appointed Trustee’s job, Martino is also stating that he wanted his case to be under Chapter 11 reorganization, not Chapter 7.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael Romero is confused by the turmoil and has yet to grant any of Martino’s requested changes. Martino has now gone so far as to file a lawsuit against his Trustee, called an “adversary proceeding”, stating his decisions regarding his debts and assets were taking too long and  he  is being falsely accused of suspicious acts. The Trustee’s attorney is claiming that Martino’s efforts are simply a way to defend his public image and that “clearing his name … is not the trustee’s concern. (Martino) wants this case to be a celebrity exception. To make that exception just because he’s Tom Martino is ludicrous.”





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