Common Bankruptcy Mistakes

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bankruptcy mistakesFiling for bankruptcy as an individual can be done, but it may not be the easiest or most efficient way of seeking protection from debts. Many people that file without the help of a bankruptcy attorney find themselves either overwhelmed by the process or in worse financial position than before.  There are many reasons to hire a bankruptcy attorney, the biggest being to avoid making these common mistakes.


Inaccurate Paperwork

The paperwork required for a bankruptcy filing is crucial for the success of a case. If the paperwork is inaccurate or incomplete, the case may be dismissed. Even worse, if the bankruptcy court suspects and information about debts or assets was withheld, these actions could be viewed as fraudulent. A bankruptcy attorney can ensure the paperwork is accurate and complete, as well as clear up an questions about which information is required to be listed.

Failure To Complete Steps

Many bankruptcy cases get dismissed because of a debtor failing to complete the necessary steps. The filing of the paperwork must be done in a timely manner, along with paying the court the required fees. Delay in either of these may hold up the case or result in dismissal. Debtors are also required to complete a credit counseling course before the case can be discharged, failure to do so will result in the case being dismissed. A bankruptcy attorney can ensure the required steps are completed and put the debtor in touch with the resources needed to complete the credit counseling course.

Lack Of Direction

After a bankruptcy is completed, many debtors find they do not know where to begin their new financial life. Given a new chance to rebuild their credit, many become overwhelmed by the process. A bankruptcy attorney can provide tips and direction for anyone looking to start fresh and regain control over their financial future.

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