Guarding Privacy In Bankruptcy

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The bankruptcy process is highly controlled for many reasons, one of which is to help protect your privacy and information. Although your bankruptcy filing is legally accessible through public record, there really is only one threat to your privacy: identify theft. But before you get concerned, it is important to know that identity theft is not brought on by of bankruptcy; rather, you could end up being part of a bankruptcy case after your identity has been stolen.

Investigating The Truth

Bankruptcy related-identity theft refers to a case that has been filed on someone without their knowledge or consent. In other words, someone accesses your personal information and uses it in a way that could later become part of a bankruptcy case. Here are some common examples:

  • Bankruptcy is filed using your name or Social Security number without your knowledge or consent.
  • Your name or Social Security number is used to accumulate debts that turn into a bankruptcy case.
  • Your name or Social Security number is involved in transferring or selling of assets prior to a filed bankruptcy case.

Taking Control

These fraudulent actions can cause you time and hassle when having to work to disassociate yourself from the use of your information. One of the best ways to know if you are involved in a case fraudulently is to pay attention to your mail, and not just in terms of shredding important personal documents that you do not need. If you receive notification of a 341 meeting of creditors in the mail, this is an indication that a bankruptcy case has been using your information. It is important that you contact a Fort Worth bankruptcy lawyer right away to help you resolve the fraudulent filing of a case in your name.

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