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bankruptcy attorneySo that we can help you make the best of your life and turn a potentially scary subject into something that can help you turn a new corner!  No, this isn’t shameless self-promotion.  We aren’t going to tell you that you have to hire us!  As professional bankruptcy attorneys, we know what makes good ones and what makes bad ones.  When you’re going through this critical process, you want to make sure you get the treatment you deserve.  So, we’ve chosen to highlight a few of the things we know about what makes for a great bankruptcy attorney.

You Deserve Someone Who Has…

  • Compassion.  If you were going to court because you spilled hot coffee on your pants, compassion might not be so essential.  But filing for bankruptcy is a delicate issue that affects you in more than just a financial way.  You deserve a bankruptcy attorney who understands this process from an emotional, relational, and psychological point of view as well.
  • Experience.  Because your experience in court can turn out radically different with a good lawyer as compared to a bad lawyer, you want to make sure you hire someone who has experience in the industry.  If you can afford not to be someone’s first bankruptcy case, then by all means, hire someone with experience to back them up!
  • Resources.  Resources can be through access to an extensive law library, or professional connections.  The latter is what we’re more concerned with.  You deserve a bankruptcy attorney who can use their professional network to help you through your experience.

Remember these three requirements when you seek out the services of a bankruptcy attorney!

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