Listening to Your Bankruptcy Attorney

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bankruptcy attorneyBecause we deal with clients and the bankruptcy process on a daily basis, we truly see all types.  All types of bankruptcy, clients, situations, dollar figures, attitudes.  We hear all kinds of stories, rejoicings, good news, bad news, and tales of hope.  Though we don’t run into this issue too often, we want to take a moment to amplify the importance of listening to a professional.

Hiring An Expert

That’s right.  Just because you hire a bankruptcy attorney, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed success.  And, why not?  Your success in the bankruptcy process is directly correlated to your willingness to follow the legal advice of your bankruptcy attorney.

Of course, you also want to have a good bankruptcy attorney who offers sound legal advice!  But, assuming you have a good attorney who knows what he’s doing, it’s essential that you listen to that person in order to experience success.  Seems obvious enough, right?

However, it’s amazing how many people refuse to actually go along with the hired advice of their bankruptcy attorney.  One of the most common examples is when a client is unwilling to provide full financial transparency.  Or, when a client doesn’t file their taxes properly (and knows they didn’t file properly).

Hiring a professional doesn’t automatically guarantee success in the bankruptcy process if you aren’t willing to direct your own efforts toward 100% compliance.  When you agree to work with a good bankruptcy attorney, the results can be very rewarding, but you have to follow their advice!

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