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online bankruptcyAs technology advances so does our ability to perform vital services with ease. More services are being offered online these days from banking, to taxes and now, bankruptcy. An E file bankruptcy system is now available in most states for consumers to use, but is electronically filing a bankruptcy by yourself the right decision?

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E filing bankruptcy is the most common way for documents to get filed with the court system these days. However,  many people try to take on this process alone. While this may seem  easier and less stressful than a traditional bankruptcy filing, it should be considered with caution. First, every bankruptcy district  is different and depending on the state of a filing, the bankruptcy laws may vary. It is extremely important to know the laws of your state and how certain debts and assets will be managed. For example, some states offer far better asset protection in bankruptcy than other states through bankruptcy exemption laws. If you file for bankruptcy online you could  be missing out on some very important protections.

Filing online also does not give the opportunity to speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney, who can review your situation to assess whether bankruptcy is right for you. Not meeting with a bankruptcy attorney prior to filing a case can be detrimental and you may miss out on some key factors of the process. Further, having representation and filing with the court in person allows you to ask more questions, find out the details of your case more readily and have the peace of mind knowing your case is being handled correctly. While some people may successfully navigate the process alone, chances of having a case dismissed is higher among those who do are not represented by a professional.



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