Protecting Privacy In Bankruptcy

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One misconception about bankruptcy is that your reputation will be ruined. Many people assume that their personal information is at risk or that filing for bankruptcy will put them in the spotlight among family, friends and employers. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Safeguarding Your Information

While your bankruptcy case does become part of a public record, it in no way means that your secret is destined to get out. Public record simply means this information is available for viewing by the public, but to gain access a person would have to go down and file a request with the court. Unless a case is part of a high profile or controversial filing, this information is never published in a public forum. In other words, people only know what you tell them so as long as you don’t mention it, it is unlikely that anyone would find out. Employers may be privy to the information if a credit check was conducted. However, there are laws prohibiting discrimination against an employee based on the status of a bankruptcy filing.

As far as your personal information goes, there are procedures in the bankruptcy process that are aimed at protecting your privacy and ensuring your personal information is safeguarded. For example, the petition process requires full disclosure of both personal and financial details. However, your Fort Worth bankruptcy attorney is responsible for ensuring this information is protecting in the filing process. These days, technology has improved some of the bankruptcy process for consumers, making it easy to file and monitor their case.  Recently a new program was released that offers a secure, online petition form that can be used to file your case easily with the court.

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