Topeka Businessman Acquitted of all Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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Exit DoorAfter a long and tenuous legal trial, the Topeka Businessman Kent Lindemuth, accused of over 100 charges of bankruptcy fraud, was acquitted of all charges against him. The original accusation of bankruptcy fraud stemmed from a large number of firearms that were not disclosed to U.S. Bankruptcy Court when he originally filed. Additional bankruptcy fraud charges were related to the purchase of two expensive sports cars, in addition to, concealing credit and bank accounts totaling more than $1.75 million. In a courtroom in Topeka Kansas late last week, U.S. Judge Daniel Crabtree read the “not guilty” verdict on all counts.

Lindemuth still has an ongoing case in U.S. Bankruptcy Court with his bankruptcy trustee refusing to release funds in order to hire an expert witness in Bankruptcy. The bankruptcy attorney that had originally assisted Lindemuth in his bankruptcy filing offered to testify as an expert witness free of charge. It’s unclear whether the bankruptcy attorney’s testimony helped or hurt Lindemuth in the trial.

Not out of the Woods Yet

The legal controversy started when over $1.4 million dollars’ worth of firearms were recovered from a Topeka storage site belonging to Lindemuth. He had been previously found guilty of a felony, making it illegal for him to possess ammunition or firearms. Three of the counts against Mr. Lindemuth is to be tried separately in early 2018, and therefore his legal team still has work to do.

Lack of Evidence

At the end of the day, the prosecuting attorney didn’t have enough evidence to convince jurors that Lindemuth had committed bankruptcy fraud, money laundering, or perjury. His legal team was quoted as being exceptional and presented hard facts in the case that the prosecution was unable to explain. When filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy it is of the utmost importance that all property be declared to the bankruptcy courts to prevent this type of scenario from playing out.

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