What Does A Bankruptcy Attorney Do?

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Dallas bankruptcy attorneyDallas bankruptcy attorneys are individuals that have passed the bar exam in the state in which they practice and who have a J.D. or Law degree. Most of the time, bankruptcy attorneys work in either consumer bankruptcy, which focuses on helping individual debtors file bankruptcy, or commercial bankruptcy, which instead focuses on filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy for businesses. It’s also not on common to find lawyers that cover both kinds.

Legal Representation

Simply put, Bankruptcy lawyers work with either consumers or businesses or both to assist in following the legal process for debtors to eliminate or repay their debts. The main thing your bankruptcy attorney will give you, and perhaps the most important that no one else can, is legal advice. Specially tailored to bankruptcy, your attorney will advise you on: which type of bankruptcy to file, what to expect through the bankruptcy process, what you can do to make the process easier and quicker, and which pitfalls to avoid.

Additionally , your bankruptcy attorney will help you put together the paperwork needed to file your bankruptcy petition, help you file the petition ensuring you meet all deadlines, and represent you at bankruptcy hearings as well. These hearings include confirmation hearings, the meetings of the creditors (341 meeting as it’s sometimes called), and other hearing or motions that can come up during the process.

Because bankruptcy law is so complicated and one slip up can be met with disastrous results, it is highly advised that you obtain the services of a bankruptcy attorney before trying to file by yourself. The possibility of you successfully having your debts discharged increases significantly once you are in the care of these qualified professionals.


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