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credit counselingBefore you file for bankruptcy, it is required by law that you go through credit counseling.  Some people consider this a burden, but in reality, credit counseling may be one of the best things to happen to you!  When you go through credit counseling, you’ll receive tips and advice on how to practice better money management skills and debt management in the future.  More often than not, even people who think they know a lot about these subjects end up learning something new.

Choosing a Credit Counselor

Finding a credit counseling service can be easy.  The United States Department of Justice has assembled a thorough list of approved credit counseling agencies.   This list is very well maintained, making it a great resource for finding a service.  It’s updated by the Department every two weeks.  Also, using an accredited service is essential, so you know you won’t go wrong when you use the Department of Justice’s search tool.

Another helpful feature is the ability to find a credit counseling service in languages other than English and Spanish.  This resource offers a listing of services in dozens of languages.

Finding the credit counseling program that is right for you is very important.  While the “curriculum” doesn’t differ much from one to the other, this can be a great opportunity to actually learn.  Try finding a program that tailors itself toward you and your situation.  You don’t just want generic bankruptcy information.  You want information about your bankruptcy situation!

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