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credit counselingIf you or someone close to you has ever filed for bankruptcy, you know that credit counseling is always a part of that process.  No matter what state you file in, regardless of whether your case proceeds by state or federal regulations, you will undergo credit counseling when you file for bankruptcy.  But, even if bankruptcy isn’t in your foreseeable horizon, you might want to consider getting credit counseling because of all the benefits attached to it!

What’s So Great about Credit Counseling?

Credit counseling offers individuals some wonderful opportunities.  For those who are struggling with debt and/or money management, a few credit counseling sessions might be just what you need to pull yourself back up and get a fresh outlook on your financial life.

When you start seeing a professional counselor, you’ll get advice on how to responsibly use credit cards.  Also, this advice will be tailored to your unique situation, which makes it especially valuable.

Also, access to a credit counseling service means you can ask the burning financial questions that you’ve always wanted answers for.  The more questions, curiosity, and interest you bring in to your credit counselor, the better your experience will be!

A good credit counseling service will also help you come up with a plan for tackling your debt.  If you’re struggling with making payments, a counselor can help you strategize and develop an effective repayment plan.  They can also help you consolidate your debt!

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