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credit counselingIf you’re going through the bankruptcy process, then you’re probably interested in making the most of your credit counseling experience.  Credit counseling can be an effective way to get back on track and to develop sound financial habits that will guide you for the rest of your life.  However, you can make your credit counseling experience a highlight of the bankruptcy process when you know the right questions to ask.  This list will cover a few of the basics that can get the conversation started.

Questions You Should Have

Hopefully, your credit counselor will address most (if not all) of these issues.  If not, don’t let these subjects slip away!

  1. What tips do you have for staying out of debt?
  2. What’s the best way to get a loan?
  3. How should I go about rebuilding my credit?
  4. What kind of credit cards should I avoid?
  5. Why do some people file for bankruptcy more than once?
  6. Are there any kinds of “good debts?”

These are just a few questions to get the ball rolling.  Chances are, you’ll have many more questions that relate to your situation more directly.  However, thinking through these questions will help spark your thoughts!

Also, if there are any terms related to finances or bankruptcy that you don’t understand, ask your credit counselor.  Counselors are accustomed to explaining complicated terms to people outside the financial industry like yourself.  This is a great opportunity to get answers to the questions you always had!

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