The Right Attitude for Credit Counseling

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credit counselingAnyone who has gone through the bankruptcy process knows that credit counseling is an integral part of it.  In fact, it’s required by law.  However, most people don’t go into credit counseling with the right attitude.  Credit counseling is commonly viewed as an added expense or a waste of time.  However, just because it’s court-ordered doesn’t mean you should consider it a burden.  If you’re filing for bankruptcy, chances are you can learn something from credit counseling.  In fact, many people could learn a lesson or two from this service!

Ways to Approach Credit Counseling

Consider this experience as if you’re going through it voluntarily.  Just because someone else made you go to school doesn’t mean it was bad, right?

Come prepared with questions.  While the counselor will have an agenda of topics to go over with you, asking questions will make credit counseling a lot more interesting.  Besides, you have the resource available to you.  Why not?

Find a credit counseling service that genuinely cares about your bankruptcy case.  It can make a world of difference.  Try to avoid the agencies that focus on shuttling customers through the doors as quickly as possible.  Look for someone who you can connect with.

Also, it really helps when you choose a great counselor to work with!  Don’t go with the cheapest or most convenient option.  If you have to go through this program, why not do it with a counselor that is truly excellent?  Your experience will be better, and you’ll get a lot more out of it!  Bankruptcy is a learning experience; let it be as educational as possible!

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