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CreditMost of us move through life focusing on the important things and pushing everything else to the back burner. For many of us, that includes our credit score. It isn’t uncommon for people to ignore their credit profile until a problem arises, often making addressing the problem far more challenging. Here are some considerations you should be making with your credit:

1. Monitor your report — whether you recently had debts discharged in a Dallas bankruptcy or you haven’t kept an eye on your report chances are there is some inaccurate information being reported. Check your report every few months to ensure you don’t have any missing or false information dragging down your credit score.

2. Boost your score — even if you think you are in good standing with your credit score there is always room for improvement. Make a commitment to lowering debt ratios to watch your credit score grow. Pay off debts and keep a few balance free accounts open to help build your score in a matter of months.

3. Prevent fraud and identity theft — keep your account information safe at all times and be sure you are being smart with your credit cards. Sign the back of new cards right away and only use your cards at verified vendors. Don’t use your card for online purchases that can’t be proven as secure and never give out your card to friends or family.

4. Contact your creditor — if you find inaccurate information on your account, have lost a credit card, or are unable to pay your bill, contact your credit company right away. Many companies are willing to help you negotiate a payment plan and are the quickest way to putĀ  a stop to any potential for fraud or unwanted charges.

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