One Major Credit Caution You Must Know!

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stop creditIf you’re about to file for bankruptcy, you might be getting your first taste of the wonderful freedom a debt-free life offers.  Thinking about your future solvency is almost dream like.  While you’re excited to soon begin the bankruptcy process – as you should be – there’s one major credit caution you absolutely must know about.  Failure to heed this credit tip could ruin your bankruptcy experience.  Don’t let your new debt-free life start off on the wrong foot…

Credit & the 90 Days before Bankruptcy

If you have a responsible bankruptcy lawyer, you should have heard about this credit caution by now.  But, if you haven’t, here it is: don’t use any credit in the 90 days prior to filing for bankruptcy.  We can’t stress how important this tip is.  Any credit that you use in the 90 days prior to filing for bankruptcy will not be discharged in your case.

It doesn’t matter what you buy with the credit extended to you (whether it’s through a cash loan or on a credit card), the debt will not be discharged through the bankruptcy courts.  This is one of the biggest problems most people face in their bankruptcy case.  Simply avoid credit during these 90 days and you will make your court experience much smoother for yourself!

No one wants to come out of bankruptcy and have a brand new debt to pay.  Avoiding credit before you file will help ensure you’re not left with any unpleasant surprises!  Do whatever it takes to avoid using credit during this sensitive time.

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