3 Ideas for Avoiding Dating Debt

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expensive dateWhether you’ve started dating someone for the first time or are trying to find a creative date night idea, it’s always a stark reminder that a single night out can take an expensive toll on your credit card. While a date night is unlikely to be the reason for filing for bankruptcy, it reveals larger spending habit problems. For anyone struggling with credit card debt, frugal spending and creative planning are the key to getting a handle on finances – and that includes date night ideas!

How to Date Without Credit Card Debt

Dating typically comes with a hefty price tag. Chances are that you might want a new outfit to look your best or will dine at a restaurant you would typically avoid. It’s all about impressing the other person, and that can take a toll on your wallet with credit card debt. By learning to use your credit card sparingly and coming up with affordable date night ideas, you can avoid filing for bankruptcy because of frivolous spending. Creative, fun, and thrifty date night ideas include:

A Movie At Home. With today’s expensive theater ticket prices, outrageous concession costs, and, not to mention, the cost of gas, it’s much cheaper to rent a movie and watch it in your living room. Many rental and streaming services have a cheaper monthly fee than a single movie theater ticket! Your credit card will certainly feel the difference.
Do Something Outside. As summer revs into high gear, now is the perfect time to do something fun outside – for free! The more activities that you can find to do without breaking your wallet, the more you’ll be able to avoid dating debt. Many people filing for bankruptcy are doing so because they don’t know how to enjoy the simple things in life. You don’t always have to go extravagant for date nights and the outdoors are a nice alternative!
Cook Your Sweetheart Dinner. A dinner at a fancy restaurant could cost approximately $45 per plate! Instead of busting your credit card, which can lead to filing for bankruptcy, why not cook dinner at home? It’s much cheaper, more thoughtful, and a better way to stick to your budget.

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