Avoiding Debt Collectors

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debt collectorWhile it is tempting to dodge debt collection calls, we don’t suggest you do that; at least not initially. In fact, you need to answer a debt collection call to find out important information about your debt account. When we talk about avoiding debt collectors, we are referring to way to avoid getting yourself into the situation to begin with.

Be Proactive

Debts are stressful and many of us wait until there is a problem to really pay attention to our debt accounts. This is a bad strategy, and one that will only lead to further trouble. If you owe money to a lender, here is what you need to know to stay out of debt collection:

Pay on time — paying debts on time can be easier said than done, especially when life gets hectic. To avoid  missing a payment, set up an automatic draft of your payment each month. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, set an alert on your calendar or smart device to notify you at least a week prior to the payment due date. It is important that your debt payments are on time, but there are instances in which financial hardship makes this impossible. If that happens, move onto the next step.

Negotiatecredit negotiations can be a valuable tool that keeps you out of default and away from credit collectors. If you are worried about missing a payment, contact your lender to discuss your options. If you need to request a modified payment plan, be sure to get any agreement in writing from your lender to document the plan in the event your account gets placed into collection on accident.

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