Being Wary of Credit Cards:Dependency

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For the third part of this blog series, we will talk about one of the biggest problems that many people encounter when working with credit cards.  Remember that if you are in over your head, bankruptcy can be a good way out and can help you clear the slate.  However, it’s a good idea to be aware of your credit card usage first so that you can ensure a stable financial future.

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There are many people who want to be highly social and have a good time.  To this end, many spend lots of money.  However, make sure that you still realize that the best things in life can be low cost – many struggle with the feeling that they need to spend just as much as their friends do in order to be happy.  If your friends spend more than you, it can be extremely tempting to join in with their practices.  Peer pressure doesn’t stop after high school!   It doesn’t matter whether your friends actually earn more than you or not.  Keep in mind that debt can be a problem that even your best friends struggle with.  But, when you feel like you have to match their spending and lifestyle habits in order to spend time with them, you have a serious credit problem.

However, dependency on the card isn’t purely social.  Some people might even struggle with credit cards on their own.  Do you feel like you can’t go out and run basic errands without your credit card?  Is there nothing in that checking account?  No cash to be found?  If this sounds like you – don’t panic!  Get in contact with a bankruptcy lawyer today to learn more about options and how you can safely manage your credit cards.

It’s never too late to start taking preventative measures to make your financial life more secure.  Again, getting in contact with a bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand your options and feel better about your financials.  Let a trusted friend hold you accountable to this commitment, too!



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