Can You Be Arrested For Not Paying Your Student Loan Debt?

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bankruptcy, student loan, texas, dallas, fort worth, attorney, lawyer, tx, mckinney, hurst, chapter,There are many, many, students that are in great financial difficulty when it comes to the repayment of their student loans. They know that their being in default of these loans can lead to some serious repercussions, maybe even a SWAT Team at your door.


Some have asked if they can end up having to go to jail because of these debts and in general the answer would be it is very unlikely, however, it looks like that it is not impossible.


In recent news it turns out that a man was arrested by the US marshals for not paying his $1500 student loan. It took seven US marshals to make the arrest and this student loan was in existence from 1987. Not only did it take the seven US marshals but they were armed with automatic weapons. He indicated that he never received any notification or any warnings about the loan whatsoever. This was no mistake on the part of the US marshals in that they knew that the charge was the nonpayment of the student loan. However, their being in combat gear and being armed to the hilt was supposedly because they felt that the individual would be armed.


According to the judge that the individual came before it was perceived that this individual was stealing from the government because he hadn’t paid the student loan. There are also indications that US marshals may be serving up to 1500 warrants to people that have not repaid their loans. While the focus seems to be on the old loans most everyone would have to agree that this is a most aggressive manner of collection. The main point is that if you have debt piling up, don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a qualified debt relief attorney to assess your situation.


If you have unpaid student loan debt and fear action may be taken against you, contact us today for a free consultation. We can help you pay back your student loans.

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