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credit counselingWhen it comes to finding debt relief there are many options, but not all are created equal. Further, what may be your best option may not be the best option for your friend or neighbor. Debt relief is a personal matter that is 100 percent unique to your financial situation. So why would you just go with the first thing that comes along or what you see advertised on television?


Where To Start

One of the most valuable resources available to consumers is credit counseling. Although these courses are required of bankruptcy filers they are open to anyone looking to reduce their debts, boost their money management skills or improve their credit. So before you enter credit negotiations or arrange for a debt settlement, consider what credit counseling has to offer.

First, they are the most affordable resource in the industry. A reputable credit counseling agency operates as a non-profit organization and offers an array of services. They have everything from free information to instructional courses for around $100. You can’t find a better source of information for the price anywhere.

Second, they are objective and do not operate to secure clients. In fact, credit counseling courses are highly regulated and policed by the Federal Trade Commission and other government agencies. Their main purpose is to educate consumers without bias or potential for profit. You can find a reputable agency by visiting the U.S. Department Of Trustee’s website.

Third, they provide many services and offer an array of information. One of the most popular options is a course that teaches smart money management. In this course, you can learn to create and follow a budget and how to prioritize your spending. You can also find information about how to use credit wisely or develop your own debt reduction plan.

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