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automatic stayAre creditors constantly harassing you?  Does it seem like your credit problems will never disappear?  As your phone rings throughout the day and night, and as your mailbox fills up with threatening letters, you’re probably feeling more frustrated everyday.  However, you don’t have to feel this way.  In fact, you can get rid of all your credit problems by filing for bankruptcy.  And, once you’ve filed for bankruptcy, creditors aren’t even allowed to contact you!

No More Creditors?  Really?

It’s true.  When you file for bankruptcy, your credit problems really do vanish.  Not only will your debts be discharged (or reorganized) through the bankruptcy process, but those pesky creditors will no longer contact you!

In fact, it’s actually illegal for your creditors to contact you!  When you and your bankruptcy lawyer file for protection, the court issues what’s known as an “automatic stay.”  An automatic stay is an order that makes it illegal for collectors to contact you in any form or fashion!

And, if any creditors do contact you, simply let your bankruptcy lawyer know and they should handle the situation for you.  You shouldn’t have to deal with creditors that are breaking the law during this already challenging time.  If any creditors try to contact you, you can sue them for violating the automatic stay.

Debt elimination isn’t the only credit benefit when it comes to filing.  Get rid of those pesky creditors once and for all.

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