Debt Collector Sued For $10 Million

: Chris Lee Law Firm

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Debt collection calls can be abusive and irritating. Surprisingly, you don’t have to be in debt or even owe anyone money to be the target of some of these harassing calls. In fact, many people are wrongly contacted about an alleged debt they don’t even owe only to be victimized by the debt collector. It happened to one West Virginia woman who fought back and won a lawsuit against the collector.

Order Of The Court

After receiving threatening phone calls regarding a debt she didn’t owe, Diana Mey, decided to take action against the debt collection company. Mey filed a cease-and-desist order after the collector threatened to place a lien on her house, repeatedly called her home and left messages stating she would soon be sued over failure to pay her debts.  Mey’s  decision to take action has lead to some consequences that are sure to bring about change in the industry.

Diana Mey sued the debt collector in court for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the court granted her a $10 million settlement. However, she has yet to see a dime of the money and doesn’t expect she ever will. Mey reports that money wasn’t her motive, rather she intended to draw attention to unfair debt collection practices.  Part of her future efforts are aimed at securing better federal regulations of debt collectors and increased policing of violators.



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