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Owing money on back due domestic support obligations can lead to swift action and steep consequences. In Texas, the laws regarding collecting unpaid domestic support payments are severe. Delinquency on a domestic support order can lead to property liens, wage garnishment, suspension of a driver’s license and bank account seizure. While this type of debt is not eligible for a discharge in bankruptcy, there are ways that filing can help.

Behind The Laws

Bankruptcy laws do not permit for domestic support payments to be eligible for a debt discharge. However, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can work to eliminate other sources of debt. Freeing up income from other debt obligations allows for the payment of domestic support payments as directed in the court order. Further, filing for bankruptcy can boost the chances of successfully arranging a payment plan with the support enforcement agency.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also be an option. In a Chapter 13 case, other sources of eligible debt can be rolled into a repayment plan, freeing up income for the domestic support payments. Further, any of the consequences or lawsuits pending regarding back due payments are suspended. This allows for the development of a repayment plan with the support agency, without the worry of further penalties.  It is important to consult with Dallas bankruptcy lawyer to ensure domestic support obligations are handled in the appropriate manner.

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