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debt freeAs the holiday season approachesĀ  many people are beginning to think about gifts for family members. The sad truth is that many more of us are also thinking about how we are going to pay for these gifts during these tough times. With the national debt-to-income ratio hovering near 150 percent, people could use a little financial help now more than ever. So why not give the gift of financial literacy?

A Financially Free Future

Although a little unconventional, the gift of financial freedom is one that is priceless. Even more surprising is that the cost is next to nothing and guaranteed to be the cheapest present you buy all season.

Why? Because credit counseling agencies can offer a variety of services to help educate and develop a financial game plan for very little cost to you. In fact, a good credit counseling agency operates as a non-profit agency, which is regulated by the government to provide resources to consumers, many of which are free. Whether you are looking to develop a plan to get out of debt or just want to learn about smart money management strategies, they have the tools you need.

So why not take a debtor education or money management course with your spouse, significant other or family member for Christmas? They cost less than $100 and can give you the tools you need to make 2012 the year for getting out of debt and living financially free.

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