Stressing Over Debt Is Bad For Your Health

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Debt Related StressIf you ask people what causes them the most stress in life, the majority of people will answer “money”.  Not just money itself, but the lack of money to go around for all their bills. Money troubles is one the largest contributors to the divorce rate, and now, it is becoming a big reason people are experiencing problems with their health.  Stress impacts the physical and emotional health of anyone suffering it’s effects.

A survey conducted by AOL, reports that debt related stress levels have risen 14% from previous years. 27% of respondents noted they experience regular ulcers and other digestive track problems, compared to 8% of respondents that say they have low levels of debt related stress.  Nearly half of all those with high debt related stress experience migraines, 29% suffer from severe anxiety and 23% are dealing with depression.  Heart complications and sleep disturbances were also reported by those experiencing high debt related stress levels.

Doctor’s Orders

Doctors suggest eating a balanced diet, exercising and taking time for yourself to relax each day, as a tool to reduce stress and stay healthy.  Getting financially healthy can also play a role in helping you maintain a healthy body and mind. Organize your finances by setting a budget to follow each month. Contact a financial planning service to help you examine your monthly budget. Track your spending and eliminate any unnecessary expenses. If you are significantly in debt, seek guidance from a qualified credit counselor or an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you evaluate all of your debt management options.

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