Suing Debt Collectors

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suing debt collectorsWhen it comes to dealing with debt collectors many people quickly become overwhelmed or bullied into unnecessary decisions. Their harassing tone and persistent techniques can be unbearable for most people. The biggest problem consumers face in handling debt collections is not knowing their rights or their options when creditors violate the rules of fair debt collection.

Fighting Back

There are a few ways to handle debt collectors that can stop collection calls and put the creditor in the hot seat. Depending on your financial situation, filing for bankruptcy can be a great tool for protecting you from nasty creditors. When you file for bankruptcy an automatic stay order is issues, prohibiting creditors from contacting you or making attempts to collect on a debt. Violations of this order can lead to serious consequences for the debt collector.

For those who are not in need of bankruptcy protection, there are other options for protecting yourself against creditors. You do have the legal right to pursue a lawsuit against any creditor that engages in abusive or unfair debt collections, as well as any creditor who pursues collections on an unverified debt. The  most important aspect of suing a debt collector is knowing what the rules are outlined by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and how to spot violations. Contacting you at certain times, places, through certain mediums or in a way that is unfair or abusive are all grounds for a lawsuit.  It is best to seek counsel from a legal professional before pursuing a lawsuit against a debt collector.



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