Texas Company Violates Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

: Chris Lee Law Firm

  Filed under: Debt

unfair debt collectionA homeowner contracted with Texas-based Homeland Septic to perform work on his septic system earlier this year. The homeowner brought up the issues to the company that the work was not completed as arranged, to which the company denied. The homeowner decided not to approve of the final work or bill of payment until the problems were resolved. After the homeowner did not pay the bill Homeland Septic began attempting to collect on the debt in ways that violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Final Notice

Homeland Septic began their collection attempts with sending multiple bills to the homeowner. After weeks of no response the company moved to calling and leaving repeated voicemails on the homeowner’s mobile phone. The company sent text messages and messages via Facebook to attempt to contact the homeowner for payment. The homeowner reports that the voicemails, text messages and Facebook messages all contained abusive, vulgar and threatening language regarding the homeowner and his family. It is even reported that Homeland Septic even lied about a lien they placed on the homeowner’s house in efforts to scare him into paying the bill.

Now a case being pursued in court, the homeowner is seeking damages from the effects of the unfair debt collection practices. Homeland Septic is accused of violating the rules of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as causing the homeowner to suffer from embarrassment, mental anguish and emotional distress resulting from the collection acts.


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