Why Hire A Debt Negotiation Lawyer?

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debt negotiation lawyerAlthough any consumer maintains the right to enter credit negotiations directly with a creditor, many people are afraid of the process. Rather than seek help through a randomly chosen third party debt relief company, consider hiring a debt negotiation lawyer for the following reasons:

They know the law:

Many people never expect for the law to be important in debt negotiation. While there aren’t many specific laws that pertain to debt relief and debt collection, there are a few things that a lawyer knows that a consumer doesn’t. The most notable benefit to having a debt negotiation lawyer is their ability to recognize and manage violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They can ensure the company stays within guidelines or initiate litigation when need be.

They are trained negotiators:

Negotiating is an art form. It takes knowledge, skill and practice; something the average consumer does not have. A debt negotiation lawyer is trained in how to deal with creditors, the development of debt relief agreements and the skill of persuasion. Having a representative in debt negotiations provides a mediator that can take the burden and stress of the shoulders of the consumer.

They can provide many financial services:

Many debt negotiation lawyers wear many hats. Having been trained in the area of finances and debt management, they have a wide variety of skills. In many cases, these lawyers can also help resolve mortgage debts, help with foreclosure and even provide help for settling tax debts. Having legal counsel that covers many areas of personal finance can provide a better understanding and resolution to debt and financial problems than an individual company that only deals with credit card or loan debts.

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