Could I Be Held Responsible For My Spouse’s Student Loans?

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marriage, student loan, couple, bankruptcy, relationship, finance, debt relieft, texas, dallas, fort worth, tx, mckinney, hurst, chapter13, attorney, attorneys, lawyer, lawyers, law firm,With the amount of graduates that are forced to begin their lives mired in debt from their post- secondary educational pursuits, it is no wonder that a common question among millennials who are getting married and starting a life is: “Am I responsible for my spouse’s student loan debt after the marriage?”. The short answer would be no you are not. It is always advisable to sit down and discuss any debt that either party brings into a marriage so that both are aware of the ramifications of any student loan debt that may be brought in.

If the party is on an income driven re-payment plan and you decide to file taxes jointly the payments may increase and any debt will obviously impact the way you save and begin your life together. A government backed student loan will expire if the party passes away but a private lender may well in fact pursue the debt from any estate that the deceased leaves behind. Another consideration is whtt happens to the debt in a divorce situation: typically if the marriage breaks down any debt that was incurred prior is the responsibility of the individual provided you have an agreement that stipulates that.

It is always advisable to speak to a student loan debt relief attorney before entering into any domestic contract in order to protect yourself in the event that things do not last. We always hope that we will be the exemption to the rule but protecting yourself is the best way to go.

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