Anniversary For Occupy Wall Street

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Since the recession began in late 2007, we have witnessed several history making economic events. The foreclosure crisis, record breaking underwater mortgages, personal debt burdens hitting all time highs and issues of debt default inching higher each year. While some blame the change in bankruptcy laws in 2005 for part of the economic turmoil, others have been quite outspoken as to their point of blame.

Outnumbered and Outspoken

Regardless of which side of the political line you fall onto, the country has seen more public outcry over the state of the economy in the last year that it has in a long time. Having started what would become a word synonymous for activism, the Occupy Movement turned one year old this week.  So, what does this mean for the future?

If you ask around, most people will either agree or disagree with the issues posed by the Occupy Movement, but few people have the answer to “What is Occupy’s 10 year plan?” Although no one knows for sure, the answer is most likely “nothing.” While the movement has brought much attention to issues that many feel should be addressed, it really hasn’t done anything. This isn’t to say the efforts were made in vain or that time was wasted, rather it is to simply point out that the beauty in a democracy is also its downfall; too much variability in opinion, even a highly polarized one, can’t force change in powerful system

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