Finding A Good Deal In A Bad Economy

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resaleEconomists have reported slumping retails sales and increased consumer prices for months now. As the economy continues to challenge our society daily, consumers and businesses owners are fighting back against what could be seen as a hopeless fight. Many consumers are left to wonder whether bargains are a thing of the past and businesses question whether profitability will ever return.

You might be surprised to know that good deals aren’t dead. In fact, they may be more alive than ever. Take a look at most retail store advertisements, they are offering incredible deals.

Why? The answer is simple: to get people in the door. If consumers grab a tight hold of their wallets during tough economic times, businesses suffer. If businesses suffer, salary cuts and layoffs become imminent.  So where are all the good deals and how do we get them?

Savvy Shopping

Every city has at least one second hand or resale store. Many people assume the items these stores carry are old, dirty or out of date, but that is not necessarily true. These stores purchase gently used items from people to be resold for cheaper than retail prices. It isn’t hard to find designer or name brand clothing at these stores for nearly a quarter of the retail price. Since the store doesn’t buy their items from manufacturers, they can pass the savings along to customers.

Another place to find a good deal is at a “going out of business” store. This usually means that the business was unable to maintain profitability and is forced to close, but for the consumer, the savings can be incredible. The purpose behind the sale is to sell the remaining inventory in efforts to satisfy the business debts. Most likely, the business is in the process of liquidating assets in bankruptcy, which can provide customers with great deals on expensive items.

Finding great deals doesn’t have to be a wild goose chase. Simply look around for local stores that offer gently used items or are looking to sell items quick and cheap.


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