Generation Y Making Big Moves For Economic Gain

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young business man Times certainly have changed in all aspects of life. It seems like just yesterday dear husband was kissing his wife good-bye as he left for a day at the office, while she stayed behind to take care of the kids and house. These days, not only are women quickly becoming some of the biggest players in society, a definition of “day at the office” has changed dramatically.

With so many up and coming entrepreneurs, the business world has certainly been surprised by the latest generation of nontraditional business ideas. Now armed with Graduate level degrees and prestigious internship experience, young adults have been taking the business world by storm. Having boosted their confidence through education and early experience, these new business moguls are shifting the focus in the business world. Most of Generation Y reports envisioning having their own business in the next 5 to 10 years, and nearly 20% already run a successful business of their own.

Message For The Future

Generation Y entrepreneurs are beginning to speak out about their ideas to improve the economy. In short, they suggest investing time and money in their start-ups to help jump start the stagnant economy. They say the problems with a dull economy and high unemployment rates are the result of failed, traditional business models. Looking at new trends in business and the evolved demands of consumers through traditional lenses doesn’t work. Since Generation Y has become more tech-savvy and innovative, it only makes sense they have a better eye for business in these advanced times.

What does this mean for the national debt crisis and busted economy? Many are looking to the sheer optimism held by most Generation Y entrepreneurs for the answer.  Although many are drawn to business start-ups as the result of losing faith in corporations, these young minds certainly have not lost hope in the potential for success in business.  As consumer confidence wanes yet again, it just might be these individuals that bring about the change needed to bring the economy back from the edge.

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