Some Worry The Slow Economy Is Slowing Efforts To Combat Global Warming

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Global Warming Impacted by Economy

In addition to concerns over how human activity impacts global warming, now concerns over how the economy may be affecting global warming are rising. An international energy group reported that carbon emissions hit an all time high in 2010. It was originally thought that as the economy slowed in the recession, an increase in motivation for reducing the dependence on fossil fuels would arise. Surely an economy that is struggling by borrowing from one to pay another would begin to look into ways of making production operations more efficient.

Scientist Myles Allen, of the United Kingdom’s Oxford University says, “It is, I guess, remarkable how quickly emissions have rebounded following the recession.”  With an increase in demand for manufacturing out of China and India, their industry growth in the last 2 years has pumped more greenhouse gases than anticipated into the atmosphere.  A separate report is showing a plateau in the efficiency in fossil fuel productions. The increase in production, coupled with a lack of advancement in the efficiency of production, has begun to attract the attention of climate scientists worldwide.

What it means for the environment

The global emissions are rising faster than expected. Scientists are concerned that any previously developed plans for managing global warming may need revision to account for the new expedited temperature changes. Previous calculations set a goal to maintain a long term 2 degree Celsius temperature increase. These new findings suggest that the environment cannot afford to be impacted any further by fluctuations in the economy. Despite the financial goals of the economy, efforts should be made to ensure that any increase in production does not move forward into using more fossil fuels, along with continued efforts to reduce dependence on such sources of energy.


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