Filing for Bankruptcy: A Break from Collectors

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Besides getting your debts discharged, one of the most appealing things about filing for bankruptcy is the promise of collection calls coming to a grinding halt.  Imagine… you can actually go about your day without any worry that a debt collector will be calling and harassing you!  This much-needed break makes filing for bankruptcy sound wonderful!  And, of course, you get rid of your debts.

What about Student Loans?

However, you may have heard that student loans can be extremely difficult to discharge in bankruptcy.  While student loans are hard to get rid of, it is possible to get them discharged through bankruptcy.  But, if you’re like most people, and can’t get rid of student loan debt by filing for bankruptcy, you can at least get some peace and quite for a few years!

While you’re under the protection of bankruptcy, you are not responsible for repaying your student loan debt.  Of course, the debt will still be there after your period of bankruptcy has come to an end, but you won’t have to worry about repaying it while you’re under bankruptcy protection.

In the meantime, you can focus on getting your financial life back on track, while also structuring your own plan of attack for dealing with student loans after your period of bankruptcy comes to an end!  And, you won’t have to concern yourself with interest during this time either!

If you’re struggling with student loan debt, filing for bankruptcy could be exactly what you need to get things back under control.  Don’t let student loan debt run your life any longer!

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