How to Find the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

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finding bankruptcy  lawyerSo you are getting ready to file for bankruptcy and know it would be best to hire a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer, but you want to be certain you are making the best possible financial investment. The three steps below will help you make the right decision for your situation and will give you confidence moving forward.

1. Give yourself options. Prepare to meet with a handful of different lawyers. Read their information, and go to the meeting prepared with specific questions for them. Focus on how you think they will work with your situation.

2. Look for creativity. It’s always a good sign when a lawyer thinks outside the box. Standard bankruptcy procedures include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. These are both excellent options, but it is always good to hear a lawyer looking creatively at your personal situation and assessing the best option for you specifically. This is also a positive sign that you aren’t dealing with a big, impersonal, bankruptcy mill.

3. Make sure they abide by the latest code changes. While it may seem like old news, Congress passed a legislation called the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act in 2005. These code changes reformed the bankruptcy industry primarily by making it more difficult for debtors to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s wise to at least ask your lawyer to explain the basics of these changes. If they have difficulty explaining, it might be best to move on to a different lawyer.

Before hiring a bankruptcy lawyer, take your time and review client testimonials before making your decision. Hiring a good lawyer can ensure you have the best possible experience and outcome for your bankruptcy situation.

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