Maximizing Your Chances Of A Discharge

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bankruptcy dischargeIf you  have decided to file for bankruptcy, the decision was one of great contemplation and consideration. The process can be cumbersome and requires much attention to detail, which is why hiring a bankruptcy attorney is highly beneficial. To get the most out of your bankruptcy and maximize your chances of having your debts successfully discharged, make sure you  do the following:

Fill Out Paperwork Accurately

Filling out the necessary paperwork can be overwhelming. There are numerous forms to complete and a thorough list of your financial details is required. You must list all of your creditors and debts on the bankruptcy petition.  Leaving out a creditor or debt can complicate your filing and delay or prevent your debts from being discharged. You must also list all of your assets on the petition, even if an asset was recently sold or transferred. Failing to  list all of your assets can be considered fraudulent and result in serious consequences. Be sure to have your bankruptcy attorney review all of this information before filing the petition to ensure the paperwork is complete and accurate.

Complete The Requirements

When filing for bankruptcy you are required to do two things (1) pay the necessary filing fees and (2) complete a debtor education or credit counseling course.   Your bankruptcy attorney can pay the fees on your behalf, just be sure to authorize your attorney to do so. The debtor education course must be completed by you, and any other person listed on the filing. Your attorney cannot represent you in the course, but can provide you with resources on where to find an authorized course provider. Failing to pay the fees or complete the debtor education course is one of the main reasons people have their case delayed or dismissed. In order to ensure your case is processed as quickly as possible, complete the necessary steps as soon as possible.


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