Post-Bankruptcy Debt Collection?

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dischargeComing out of your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you should feel like you have a clean slate. Most or all of your outstanding debts have been wiped clean and you are ready to get a fresh start, building toward a better financial future. But what happens when a former creditor does not get the memo?

Discharge Notices

In today’s world of fast commerce, everything is for sale, says a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer . This includes personal debts, and it includes debts that may be subject to your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge. Sometimes a lender will sell your debt to a collection agency or another interested group before your Chapter 7 filing goes through, in such cases the new owner of the debt may not have been appraised of the situation vis-à-vis your Chapter 7 filing and discharge.

If such a situation arises, and the lender begins to send you payment notices after your successful discharge, many times there is a simple remedy. You should obtain a copy of your certificate of discharge and sending it to the company.

Be aware that although Chapter 7 frees you from many debts, if a collector has a lien on your property or if a piece of property was co-owned with another person who did not obtain a Chapter 7 discharge, the property and the collection could still be within the lender’s legal rights. Your bankruptcy lawyer will walk you through the steps to ensure you are protecting yourself as thoroughly as possible against losing any property.

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