The Bankruptcy Process Doesn’t End in Court

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Many people think that the bankruptcy process ends when the gavel comes down and your case officially goes through.  While a verdict is technically the end of the bankruptcy process, in reality it’s just the beginning.  Once you have filed for bankruptcy and had your case approved, you still have a long way to go.  After all, as wonderful as solvency is, you still want to make sure you remain solvent by starting off your new life right!

Someone Who Will Be There

You deserve someone who will be there for you.  Walking out of the courtroom with your debts discharged should not be the last time you ever see your bankruptcy lawyer.  In order for your new debt-free life to really start, you need a bankruptcy lawyer who will watch out over you.

That’s why all of our clients at Lee Law Firm get personalized attention after the bankruptcy process formally ends.  While we work hard to get your debts discharged, we’re not going to abandon you as soon as we’ve done the job.  We want to see you successful in life – not just solvent.

Our AfterCare Program is truly unique among bankruptcy law firms.  Not every bankruptcy lawyer will deliver this kind of personalized care.  We insure that credit agencies are accurately reporting your credit, and we’ll fight them on your behalf if they aren’t!  Furthermore, we make sure that you’re kept abreast of all the work we’re doing on your behalf.

Don’t settle for a Dallas bankruptcy lawyer that doesn’t stick with you after the bankruptcy process technically ends.

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