What To Look For In A Bankruptcy Attorney

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The debt relief industry is full of options for consumers looking to get out from under the pressure of overwhelming debts. Debt relief agencies come a dime a dozen, and there is also no shortage of bankruptcy attorney’s serving clients pursuing that option. For the consumer, it can be difficult to know which bankruptcy attorney is best to manage their debt relief goals. Here are a few things to consider about your Dallas bankruptcy attorney:

Experience – while there is nothing wrong with choosing an attorney fresh out of law school, there is something to be said for a veteran of the field. An experienced attorney will have served clients for several years in the field, have been a part of a lead firm for your area, or have specialized training that adds to their years of education in law school. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential attorney about their prior experience in the field of bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, or debt negotiation.

Credentials – becoming a lawyer takes years of education, but a simple law degree isn’t always the highest measure of competence. A well-rounded lawyer will also hold memberships in bankruptcy related organizations, like the Bar Association and National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. Further, many attorneys are now becoming licensed as a certified debt arbitrator and counselor. This certification is becoming an essential measure of competency among debt relief professionals in the field today.

Customer Service— while all law firms serve the needs of their clients, not all offer the same level of customer service. A quality attorney will be sympathetic to the situation of their clients, and strive towards making them feel comfortable in their decision. It is important to work with an attorney that doesn’t have any high pressure sales techniques, is available for questions and treats clients with a sense of compassion.

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