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bankruptcy consultationBefore you dive fully into the bankruptcy process, it’s likely that you’ll have a consultation with a bankruptcy specialist before you begin signing any forms.  This consultation is a critical part of your experience.  After all, it’s during this consultation that you’ll first get the opportunity to ask questions of the people who will be helping you through one of the biggest milestones in your financial life.  We’ve come up with a few things you should think about before you have your initial bankruptcy consultation.

Preparing for Your Consultation

It’s up to you to make the most of your consultation.  While the bankruptcy firm you’re working with will have a pre-set agenda for most clients, you can make the most of this experience by bringing questions to the table.  Think about what is most important to you in the bankruptcy process.  Perhaps you’re especially concerned with exemptions.  Maybe you want to know what options you have for resolving tax debt.  Come prepared with specific questions for your initial consultation.

Also, see if you can meet the actual bankruptcy attorney who will be handling your case.  While your consultation might be with a specialist that isn’t a lawyer, it’s always beneficial to put a face with a name and meet the actual person that will represent you in court.

Lastly, an initial consultation should always be free.  Be wary of law firms that charge their clients for initial consultations.

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