Medical Debt: Can You Receive Assistance?

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medical debtIf you are facing medical debt, you are in a situation that is quite unique when compared to other forms of debt.  With nearly every other form of debt, the debtor at least initiates the situation.  Examples include: mortgages, car loans, student loans, property taxes that are too high.  Nearly every form of debt at least begins because the debtor wants something, but can’t afford it at the time.

Medical Debt Is Different

What makes medical debt different?  Medical debt almost always comes to you; you don’t initiate it yourself.  Unexpected disasters and health issues outside of your control frequently initiate medical debt.  Whether it’s right or wrong, many people tend to view medical debt with more sympathy than other kinds of debt.

This sympathy may work to your advantage when it comes to seeking relief from your local church.  Now, let’s be clear: in no way are we saying you, as a debtor, are taking advantage of your church.  Rather, many religious institutions tend to look upon medical debt differently than your car payment.  And, it makes sense, right?

Before you start considering bankruptcy, seek out assistance from your church.  Many churches are willing to help financially (and in other ways) when possible.  A lot of churches even have specific funds allocated for this purpose.

Look into this alternative before you have to start looking for bankruptcy lawyers.  Your medical debt may turn out to be less of an issue than you think when you seek the assistance of your church!

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