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savingsWho better to ask for money management tips than a bankruptcy lawyer? A bankruptcy lawyer deals with the results of money management on a daily basis and is familiar with ways to improve personal finances. By adhering to some simple rules and making lifestyle adjustments, you can begin to see positive results in your bank account. What follows are a few tips.

Be Smart with Credit

Although many of  us don’t fall into credit debt on purpose  it is important to be smart with credit cards. Credit cards are not evil in and of themselves, but it is smart money management practice to never purchase something on credit that you don’t have the funds to pay for. Making payments on time is also extremely important. Late payments can hurt your credit score, which in turn will hurt your ability to pursue good rates and loans on other purchases.

Setup a Savings Account

If you don’t already have one, setup a savings account. A savings account, along with an emergency fund, is a critical part of smart money management. A healthy savings account will allow you breathing room and financial flexibility. By not being forced to live paycheck to paycheck, you will give yourself room to pay for unexpected expenses that are sure to pop up.

Start a Retirement Plan

Its a fact of life that you won’t be able to work forever. That’s why it is important to build a healthy retirement plan for your future. Find out how your employer deals with retirement plans. Many companies offer 401(k) benefits for their employees. Smart money management involves keeping an eye on the future.


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