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Overwhelming debt? Creditors calling? Missed payments? Notice of foreclosure? If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you know stressful is when finances are tight. Luckily, you can take action to bring some financial relief.

saving moneyEveryday Expenses

Be smart about your smart phone: Many smart phones can be tethered to a laptop or tower computer to allow the user to connect to the internet. If you’re a consumer who doesn’t use the internet for business or heavy data transfer, then why pay an average of $50 per month when you can use your phone?

Two birds with one cookbook: try using coupons to buy groceries on sale. They may not always be what you’re accustomed to eating, but if it’s something within your palette range you can diversify your menu while saving money.

Watch what you pay for: Loads of folks have endless channels on TV that they don’t actually watch. Consider what shows you actually watch regularly. Are they worth paying an average of $100 a month for? Can you get them on a more basic TV package? Can you rent the seasons? Is it worth the money to scan channels you won’t watch?

Let there be darkness: Turn lights, TV, and stereos off when not in use or you’re not in the room. In the 21st century we take lights for granted, but the cost adds up rapidly. A bathroom vanity often has three 100 watt bulbs in them, this can add up. Replacing filament bulbs with fluorescent ones cost more in the beginning, but save money over time. They also last longer, and heat your home less.

Bigger Expenses

Get connected: Contact your lender at the first sign of financial trouble. Many lenders are willing to negotiate better terms of your mortgage loan through a mortgage modification. These modifications can lower your monthly payment and protect your house from foreclosure.

Grease the wheel: Your debts are your responsibility and lenders are not always the best at responding to requests of their borrowers. If you have been trying to get in touch with a lender and aren’t getting anywhere, consider hiring legal representation. A qualified attorney can help you with credit card negotiations, mortgage modifications and tax debt settlements.

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