Debt Management Strategies For Fall

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Last week marked the first day of Fall, which means that we are headed towards one of the favorite times of the year; the holiday season. While many people anticipate the holidays for family gatherings and gift giving, less than one-third of us will anticipate the money to be spent during this time. Rather than end up further in credit debt, consider planning for your holiday spending.

The Gift of Cash

We aren’t talking about giving cash as a gift to others, but the gift to yourself for buying your gifts in cash and not on credit. Right now is the perfect time to start budgeting your money for holiday gifts. Even if you are undecided as to what you want to give family or friends this year, you can begin to save money for that gift. Here is how:

  • Make a pledge to eliminate your luxury purchases for the next three months and save that money instead. Skip the Starbucks and put your money in a holiday gift fund.
  • Start cutting coupons, if you don’t already. Add up the money saved by using coupons put the difference into your holiday gift fund.
  • Look for gifts early. Many stores are already running sales on items that are typically bought during the holiday season.
  • Shop at more affordable stores. The dollar store is great for items that make great stocking stuffers. Resale and Goodwill stores can have great items at a fraction of the price.

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