Handling Financial Trouble Warning Signs

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financial troubleOftentimes, we hear from prospective clients who are struggling with their finances, but feel like they don’t qualify to file for bankruptcy.  Knowing when it’s time for a person to file is a critical part of a bankruptcy lawyer’s job.  After all, we want everyone to experience debt relief, but there’s no sense in taking someone to bankruptcy court if there are other, simpler methods available.  Knowing when someone should file requires the discernment and technical knowledge of a bankruptcy attorney.

Should I File?

However, if you’re struggling financially, you might want to know for yourself if bankruptcy is a good option.  While we strongly advise that you speak with a bankruptcy lawyer in order to determine whether or not you should file, we have one simple question that you should ask yourself before you seek out the assistance of a professional:

“Does my debt burden me with an undue financial hardship?”

If the answer is yes – or even if you think the answer might be yes – then it’s critical that you seek out the services of a bankruptcy lawyer.  This question lays the foundation for many of the bankruptcy basics that factor into determining your financial situation.

Filing for bankruptcy provides incredible financial relief.  If you’re suffering under weighty debt – even if it’s just a few thousand dollars – then you might qualify for bankruptcy.  If we aren’t completely sure that your case will win in court, then you’ll never hear one of our bankruptcy lawyers suggest that you file.  And, if for any reason we’re wrong and your case doesn’t win, then you won’t pay a dime!

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