How to Make Christmas Shopping Affordable

: Chris Lee Law Firm

  Filed under: Money Management

giftWhen you are shopping in the mall and online this holiday season, you are constantly on the lookout for great sales and deals, right? While that is smart and holiday sales are a great way to save money, some of these deals may not be as good as they first appear. Before you go clicking on or picking up everything marked “sale,” ask yourself a few questions:


  • “Do I need this?” Make a list of presents for everyone you will be shopping for. If it’s not on your list, don’t buy it. No matter how good the deal is, it’s cheaper to not spend any money on it at all.


  • “How much is it at another store?” Some stores offer items on sale, and yet those same items can be had for a lower price at another store, even when it’s not on sale there. Just because it has the word “Sale” or “Deal” doesn’t mean it’s a good bargain.


  • “How much should I put on this gift card?” Gift cards can be great gifts for friends and family members, especially if you don’t know exactly what they want for Christmas. Set a limit for every gift card, and keep track of how many gift cards you buy and how much you’re putting on each one.


  • “Is it worth it?” This question may seem selfish, but it’s actually a good question to ask. If you spend as much on gas money to travel to a store as you spend in that actual store, maybe you should have looked for another option a little closer to home.


Be smart this holiday season and think about your purchases before buying.

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